iQ Credit Union Continually, Creatively Provides Financial Education and Community Outreach During Pandemic

Vancouver, Wash.— iQ Credit Union has a storied history of financial education and active community involvement in Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon. When COVID19 began, iQ promptly responded by creatively rethinking existing programs and events, while participating in a sequence of philanthropic and educational offerings to address the needs of its members and communities both now and well into the future, including:

  • Online Financial Education Courses for K-12 and Adults. When in-person financial education options stopped, iQ created online financial literacy education courses to fill the gap. With April being Financial Literacy Month, iQ’s financial education courses are as timely as ever.
  • Digital Presentations and Curriculum for Schools. To get students further engaged in financial education, iQ created online reality fairs and presentations for schools and organizations that included digital and gaming courses focused on banking and budgeting.
  • Youth Account Education Boxes. Parents continue to seek ways to keep their children educated and entertained during the pandemic. iQ responded by developing and sending families “Youth Account Education Boxes” to keep kids engaged in financial literacy while at home with fun activities and hands-on education.
  • “All Hands Raised.” As part of its long-standing commitment for greater justice and inclusiveness, iQ shifted “All Hands Raised” sponsorship dollars to focus on efforts to reduce the harm exclusionary discipline can have on students of color.
  • Local Partnerships. Due to limitations of large in-person gatherings, iQ partnered with North Portland’s Shine Distillery to provide a premixed, home delivered Old Fashioned to VIP ticket holders for the annual Rotary Club of Three Creek fundraising gala.

In a year of disruption and changes, we proudly leaned in to provide unique financial education and philanthropy options to our communities that will last far beyond the current pandemic challenges,” said Danette LaChapelle, SVP of marketing and community engagement. “We are constantly listening to the needs of the communities we serve and will continue to creatively develop opportunities to meet those needs.”


About iQ Credit Union

iQ Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving the Pacific Northwest since 1940. With nearly 90,000 members in Washington and Oregon, the credit union is known for its deep commitment to financial education and community engagement—and for its signature red and black Buffalo plaid colors. iQ helps WAnderers and explORers reach their financial goals by offering honest and friendly advice at any of its 16 branches. More information is available at

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