Your Ultimate PNW Summer Bucket List + Budgeting Tips


Summer in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is a season of vibrant beauty and boundless adventure. From the lush landscapes of Portland to the scenic shores of Vancouver, there's no shortage of activities to fill your days with joy and excitement. 

iQ is here to guide you through creating the ultimate summer bucket list tailored for PNW residents and visitors alike. 

Plus, we'll share practical budgeting tips to ensure you can enjoy all the summer funwithout breaking the bank.


The Ultimate PNW Summer Bucket List

Want to put something on the calendar to look forward to while keeping your budget in check? Here’s your menu for exciting summer adventures. Which of these looks most intriguing to you?

Free Events

These zero-cost options are low on investment and big on fun:

Low-Budget Options

For a slightly more indulgent thrill, check these out:

Summery Splurges

Every once in a while, it’s time to spend a bit more to make memories with your loved ones! Start here:

Budgeting for Your Summer Adventures

Investing in your dream PNW summer doesn’t have to break the bank. With a few savvy planning strategies, you can soak up the season and have the delightful adventures you desire—all while remaining thrifty, sustainable, and budget-smart. 

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Plan Ahead

Spontaneity has its time and place, but start with as solid a plan as possible. As the weather starts getting warmer, jot down your ideal summer to-do list. Then, do some research, and include an estimated cost for each activity. At this stage, if you already know how much you plan to spend on summer fun, you can prioritize your most sought-after activities.

2. Employ Saving Strategies

Once you have a general idea of what you would like to do this summer, weave some cost-effectiveness and forward-thinking into your plan. For example, we would consider: 

  • Setting up a dedicated summer fun fund: Automatically transfer a small amount of each paycheck into a savings account specifically for summer activities.
  • Planning to take advantage of free events: Balance more costly events with free ones when possible. Many communities in the PNW offer free concerts, festivals, and events during the summer months—keep an eye out and sprinkle them throughout your summer to keep your costs low and your enjoyment high.
  • Look for discounts: Use resources such as Groupon or local tourism websites to find deals on attractions and activities. Stay focused here—try to look only for coupons related to the plans you’ve prioritized for this summer.

3. Be Mindful of Spending in the Moment!

Once you’ve made it to your destination daycation, the smart financial habits shouldn’t stop! While there are some splurges that are totally worth it, others may be less so—and a little bit of planning can help you save a significant chunk of change.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for saving while enjoying a memory-making day:

  • Avoid the expense of eating out by preparing food at home.
  • Save on gas and parking fees by sharing rides or using public transit systems.
  • Find naturally free events. (The PNW is full of no-cost concerts, festivals, and community activities!) 
  • Hunt for deals on platforms such as Groupon or local tourism websites.

However, if you're looking for next-level ways to have the finances in hand to make your dream summer a reality, we know someone you can call.


How iQ Can Help You Plan for Your Summer

Our team is excited to help you get ready for a summer to remember! Here’s what we bring to the table: 

Financial Planning Services

Whether you’re looking for assistance planning your finances for one summer or for multiple seasons, we’re ready to assist. If you’re looking for confidence budgeting in the most powerful way for your specific situation, look no further—we can help. 

Savings Accounts

Interested in saving up for a specific goal? We have flexible savings accounts that give you the ability to save exactly what you need for adventures while leaving your funds available for the sunny days ahead. 

Credit Card Rewards and Cash Back! 

Planning a bigger adventure? Credit card perks may be worth fitting into your financial strategy. A card that offers high-quality benefits can take you far! (We’ve got a couple you might want to consider.) 

If you’re ready to make your summer unforgettable, iQ is ready to help you budget for months of fun! Visit us online or stop in a branch today, and we’ll help you get started.




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