Meet Kelly: iQ Credit Union’s New President & CEO

Kelly Schrader is new to iQ Credit Union but after only two months at the helm of the organization it is clear she is a natural fit.  

With more than two decades of experience in the regional credit union industry, she brings a shared history and values to the team at iQ. Already, she’s putting her background, accomplishments and leadership style to work advancing the credit union as it serves members and the Southwest Washington community.



The Northwest native calls herself “100 percent homegrown credit union.” Her first exposure came from her grandfather, who was a career educator in Portland Public Schools. He was a member at Portland Teacher’s Credit Union and often brought young Kelly along during her visits to Portland. Eventually she had her own account and learned to value the many benefits of credit union membership. Her grandfather was also her mentor and touchstone, offering advice and life lessons that guide her today. “He taught me to never take credit for the work of others, speak with my own voice, and be authentic,” she said. Not knowing it would lead to a lifetime career, Kelly started part-time with Portland Teacher’s while she was in college. As she finished her degree and looked ahead for her first “real job”, she realized the credit union offered the opportunity she was looking for. Eventually Portland Teacher’s Credit Union became OnPoint Community Credit Union, and Kelly grew and flourished as the credit union did.


She took on responsibilities across the organization from lending to member services to marketing. Gradually she discovered she had a knack for cross-pollinating ideas and skills across the credit union’s lines of business. By finding that in herself, she’s become adept at encouraging and recognizing it in others. “Pulling people out of their comfort zone, and providing opportunities for them to explore new talents in themselves, that’s one of the greatest gifts of leadership,” she observed. The rigors of a new job and a new organization demand balance. Kelly relaxes through her love of reading, and recharges through a daily fitness regimen. “I start the day in spin class, where I get 45 minutes of exercise for myself. Not only do I get a physical workout but it gets my creative juices flowing. Time on the bike often inspires a new idea or two,” she said. “I’m honored to be here and to be part of the iQ tradition,” she continued. “Our members are looking for a financial relationship that resonates with their own values, and offers a strong community commitment and reputation – and they want to see their money stay local. Our responsibility is to provide the innovative products and services that they need, while remaining mindful of our social responsibility as community stewards.”

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